This is the product of our dream. A machine that can help riders understand
“that moment”
That moment when gravity is no longer on your side and you must now deal with the ground.
The most unfortunate part of riding is the old saying “if your gonna ride your gonna fall”.

The customized simulator is the cornerstone of the program. This simulator recreates real-life fall scenarios at speeds to allow athletes to practice fall response techniques in a safe and repeatable environment.

The simulator was produced by the industry leading expert in hydraulic and numatic life size robotic animals and features the following elements:

• 24 foot track to enable riders to approach a fall at variable speeds
• Multiple fall and speed options, including simulating rotational falls
• Fully padded air-equipped mats to ensure rider safety
• Highly manipulative system to easily duplicate falls and enable repeat attempts using similar fall scenarios
• Video recording of each fall, providing ability to capture progression as riders become more adept & experienced

The Customized Horse Simulator
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