LandSafe Rider Fall Safety System: Core Elements
The customized simulator is the cornerstone of the program. This simulator recreates real-life fall scenarios at speed to allow athletes to practice fall response techniques in a safe and repeatable environment.

The simulator is produced by the industry leading expert in hydraulic and numatic life size robotic animals and features the following elements:
•‑24 foot track to enable riders to approach a fall at variable speeds
•‑360-degree fall options, including simulating rotational falls
•‑Fully padded air-equipped mats to ensure rider safety
•‑Highly manipulative system to easily duplicate falls and enable repeat attempts using similar fall scenarios
•‑Video recording of each fall, providing ability to capture progression as riders become more adept & experienced

Before any gymnast steps onto the beam or tumbles on the floor they receive training in fall techniques so that they understand the proper placement of their body to prevent injuries. LandSafe leverages these same techniques and principles to teach riders specific falls and body placement techniques. This training helps riders to limit the chance of injury or death in a fall scenario.

The outcome of a fall also relies on the athlete’s strength and conditioning. A rider with a strong core, for example, has less chance of being thrown off balance, enabling them to effectively use their body. This strength can either prevent a fall or allow the rider to safely move away from the horse, producing a much safer outcome.‑LandSafe stresses key conditioning techniques that provide maximum benefit to rider safety.

LandSafe is a progression-focused approach, where each level builds on the competencies learned from the previous level. Each level of the program includes multiple days of targeted, hands-on learning exercises using proprietary simulation technology. This approach provides riders with a real-life experience that enables them to improve their reaction time via repetitive exercises.

Participants leave understanding the core objectives and having practiced their learned capabilities relative to that level. The LandSafe system caters to athletes of all capabilities and disciplines.

The LandSafe system will provide data analytics that measures the correlation between rider fall safety knowledge and fall incidents resulting in injuries and/or fatalities. Every year, the program will survey the entire participant population. This survey will be the key vehicle for riders to report their perception of the program’s effectiveness. Data will be used both for reporting purposes as well as identifying opportunities to enhance the program based on feedback from the participants.

The design and instruction team for LandSafe is just as important as the curriculum to ensure the program meets the needs of equestrian athletes.‑ The LandSafe team entails professional riders, a gymnast, safety technique experts, top-level trainer, and business owners.

Day #1
8am-12pm- Group #1-10 participants
1pm-5pm- Group #2- 10 participants
Day #2
8am-12pm- Group #1 repeat
1pm-5pm- Group #2 repeat


“To combat injuries and fatalities resulting from falls, there must be a targeted, customized, and fit-for-purpose fall safety training program specifically for equestrians.”

– Danny Warrington, Warrington Eventing