May 19-20th 2018 Mothersfield Avon, New York

This is a USEA sponsored clinic!!! LandSafe received a USEA grant which allocated funds to all Areas to reduce USEA participant costs in LandSafe clinics!! Thank you to the USEA for making this rebate possible!

If you are a current USEA member signing up for this clinic you are eligible for the following rebate: The clinic holds 20 participants total. The first 15 participants to sign up for this clinic who are current USEA members will receive a $50 rebate at the time of the clinic.

Cost of clinic per participant:

GVRDC members- $325, GVRDC non-members $350

Location: Mothersfield

4444 Hogmire Rd

Avon, NY 14414

For more information please contact:

Carol Kozlowski-

An example of the clinic format: (morning or afternoon groups can be requested)

Day #1

8am-12pm- group #1- 10 participants

1pm-5pm- group #2- 10 participants

Day #2

8am-12pm- group #1 repeat

1pm-5pm- group #2 repeat

Auditing fees to LandSafe:
$25 for one day of auditing. $40 for two days.
No charge for parents to audit who have a child in the clinic

Participant Cancellation policy:
~100% refund to participant if participant reservation can be filled up until clinic date.
~50% refund to participant (if participants reservation can not be filled) if needing to cancel from 10 days before the start of the clinic to 48 hours before the start of the clinic
~No refund to participant 48 hours or less from clinic start date if reservation can not be filled




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