August 27-September 1st 2019 AEC’s- Lexington, Kentucky

August 27th- September 1st 2019

Throughout the week at the AEC’s, LANDSAFE will be hosting two lecture’s daily as well as demos from top riders and horseman. To name a few we will be hosting: Max Corcoran and Sam Henley. They were Karen and David O’Connor’s top grooms!!! Each will be talking about horse care before and after competition. Meet Tony Sandoval, he is Allie Knowles personal trainer- Tony will be talking and demoing exercises to help reduce concussion. Plus strengthening versus conditioning training. Top riders will be stopping by to talk about their day. There will be something going on all the time in the Education Tent!

If you missed getting your head of the lake photo at Land Rover Kentucky 3 Day Event this year stop by and get your free photo at the AEC’s. We will also be hosting Charles Owen and Tech Stirrups!

Hope to see you there!!!




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